All Slots Apps

All Slots offers apps for every device to make it easy to enter the casino on your mobile device. Through the All Slots apps you'll be able to click into the casino with one simple finger-swipe on your touchscreen and access all of the casino amenities including all of the mobile games, the bonus packages, the mobile ebanking and more.

The All Slots app NZ was developed to assist gamers in New Zealand who didn't want to play on the mobile browser. By entering the casino via the New Zealand mobile app the player doesn't need to re-sign in every time that he wants to play or wait for the casino to load on his mobile browser. He simply clicks the icon on his homescreen and automatically enters the casino through his casino account so that he can begin to play any of his games at his leisure.


Mobile apps are software applications which are designed to run on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Some apps come as applications that are installed in the mobile device upon purchase such as the web browser, calendar, email client, weather, mapping program and news or other media apps.

There are other apps that you install yourself, according to your hobbies, interests or other applications that you want to see on your mobile. You can find some apps through distribution providers such as the Apple App Store. The Windows Phone Store, Google Play or the Blackberry App world. Many apps are available directly from the app producer. That's the case with the All Slots casino mobile app which is available for download through the casino's main site. 

To activate the All Slots casino app download, you must first create your casino account. To do that, enter your name and email, along with a username and a password, to the casino's registration page. When a confirmation email arrives with a text link, click on the link and confirm your new account. 

Next, enter the casino on your mobile browser. Enter your username and password and log into your account. Navigate to the "Mobile" webpage and enter your country of residence and your cellphone number. The casino will send a link to the All Slots mobile app to your phone via SMS. Click on that SMS link and download the All Slots real money app. An icon will display on your homescreen, making it fast and easy for you to play your mobile casino games on at the All Slots casino mobile  on your smartphone or tablet device.

Why Apps?

Since you can enter the casino on your mobile browser and enjoy access to all of the casino games through the browser, why use an app? Using a mobile casino app offers a personalized casino experience in which your log-in and banking information and personal preferences are archived. This means that when you click on the casino icon the mobile app will allow you to more easily access your gaming history so you can start playing where you left off, or more easily identify the games on which you want to play and more effectively track your bonuses. 

Additionally, if you find yourself without Internet connection, or in a location in which you prefer to delay connection, you'll be able to play any of your favourite games for free in the casino's Free Mode. 

Most importantly however, the mobile app gives you a faster-loading and faster gameplay experience. The data is stored at the app store, as opposed to web servers so data retrieval happens more quickly and efficiently when you use a mobile app.  

All Slots App Games

All Slots NZ is a Microgaming casino so players enjoy top mobile entertainment via the All Slots real money app. Games for mobile players at All Slots include classic, blackjack and poker games along with multiple variations in which players can double their hand, split their hand, play with wild cards, take out insurance, play with either single or multiple players or play games with multiple decks. In the table games area there are different variations of baccarat, craps and roulette along with mobile Keno and Scratch 'n Score Scratch card for lottery enthusiasts. 

For pokies aficionados the mobile casino provides dozens of exciting pokies. The pokies graphics and animations display vividly through the mobile app which gives you the opportunity to enjoy high quality slot machine entertainment in a Las Vegas atmosphere while you play on your mobile. 

There are also progressive pokies that add an extra element of surprise and fun to your gaming event as you enjoy the opportunity to compete for a progressive prize.

All Slots App Bonuses

The All Slots bonus adds extra credits, free spins, loyalty points and casino cash to your gambling event. The casino distributes up to $1600 in match bonus credits which are added to players' initial deposits for their first week of casino activity. The match bonuses are distributed along with $30 in casino cash which players can use when playing any of their favourite games including the casino's card games, table games, lotteries or pokies. Upon registration on your PC or mobile device you'll receive an automatic $5 in casino cash to be used at your leisure. Then, on your first deposit, you are awarded a 100% match bonus that's valued at up to $250 plus another $10 in free casino cash.

Your second deposit brings you a match bonus worth up to $250 that will match your deposit up to 100% plus another $15 in free casino cash. On your third deposit there's a 50% match bonus valued at up to $500 and on your 4th deposit there's another 50% deposit that's valued up to $600.

All of your bonuses, including the Welcome bonus, Loyalty Points for veteran players and other casino contests and draws, are added to your account so you can access them regardless of whether you're playing on your mobile or at your PC. The bonuses can be divided, with some used for mobile gaming and the rest used when you're playing on your PC.

Thanks to All Slots apps you'll experience high quality casino entertainment when you play on your mobile device.